LOT318 stands for “Loving Others in Truth” from the verse 1 John 3:18. We exist to minister to a- risk youth and their community by empowering them to see their worth and purpose in this world. We accomplish this by holding various events and service opportunities, to open their eyes to the world around us. We challenge them to serve others in the community and make a difference among their peers. We believe in education, and teaching them to value themselves and the resources they have available to them. Our goal is to give them opportunities they may never have had, to become a positive influence and force in our world, and to love them in truth.

The founding geographical location of LOT318 was strategically planned. It is in an area of about 5,000 homes. There is a large gang presence in Orange County, and the location of this outreach is located between two of these gangs. The Director’s aim, and she has proven successful in the early stages of her efforts, is to entice at-risk youth away from gang activity and at the same time improve their educational performance.

According to local police, there are three gangs in this particular area, each with a core of 75-100 members and swelling to as many as 250 members at any given times. These gangs are turf gangs, but have been involved in everything from graffiti to murder and attempted murder. It is LOT318's desire to provide their programs to this community.

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