Our mission statement at Hill of Hope has always been that we connect people with resources to people with needs.  Generosity is a value that reflects one's attitude and commitment to making a difference in the lives of others and their circumstances, both domestically and globally.

As a public non-profit 501-C-3, we are able to accept gifts from all sources: public, private, government, foundations, grants, etc. in order to heal broken people and their broken communities.

People come to us to begin a new effort to help people in unique ways because we are equipped to assist with accounting, technical support and hands on experience.  We can assist them to set goals, and empower them to accomplish them. We have a passion to help make the impossiblepossible.     

-George L. Haines, President

Hill of Hope enables new projects and organizations to be birthed.  We are also privileged to have helped institutions that are well known  today, when they were getting started many years ago.  We have also been the source of encouragement to begin what is today a successful organization  to help the homeless in Los Angeles


Our Board of Directors is made up of individuals who passionately believe in our mission.

George Haines, Ph.D.
President, Worldwide Financial Consultants, Inc.

Jonathan Andrew Holborn
Owner, JAM’D Studios

Kay Lewis
Owner, Lewis Business Services

Ray De Angelo
President, RAD & Assoc.