Inspiring our children to be heroes for each other by learning skills of Encouragement, Empowerment, and Self-Esteem.


Superheroes are favorites of people of all ages, and the traits of superheroes embody

characteristics that we aspire to be in order to help others.  

Our superheroes present the three pillars of The Esteem Team - Courage, Power, and Love - built from the traits of Empowerment, Encouragement, and Self-Esteem, to children and teens in group settings such as elementary, middle and high schools, after school programs, youth groups and other interested organizations. We encourage children of all ages to realize the power they each have to become heroes to their friends in times of need.

We believe that issues such as bullying, drug use, depression and other serious mental health and social issues may be avoided if empowerment, encouragement and self-esteem are instilled at an early age.  These skills also support and compliment current efforts to bring Social and Emotional Learning skills back to many schools in the Houston area and around the country.